Manage Microsoft Windows on AWS Like a Pro

Title Description
Introduction to Microsoft Windows on AWS The Introduction to Microsoft Windows on AWS is a half-day AWS experience designed to help you learn the basics of running Microsoft Windows solutions on AWS. During this workshop you are presented AWS solutions to real world Microsoft Windows use cases such as running your first Microsoft Windows EC2 instance, monitoring this instance with Amazon CloudWatch, and using AWS Systems Manager to manage this instance.
  • Level: 200
  • Duration: This workshop typically takes four hours to complete.
**Coming Soon - .Net Immersion Day** ".Net Immersion Day" The AWS for .Net Workloads Immersion Day is a customizable AWS experience designed to help developers understand how to use AWS .Net tools to build and deploy on AWS. This Immersion Day allows hands on time with AWS services specific to developer workflows. We have several topics that cover a broad range of .Net development topics including Containers, Visual Studio Toolkit, .Net SDK, and more.
  • Level: 200
  • Duration: Each sub-section is one hour, totaling eight hours.